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Visits, nature, landscapes and fresh air

The environment in which we find is undoubtedly one of the richest natural areas in the north, with great landscape diversity, wildlife, flora, hiking trails, gorges, canyons and rivers. A place made to enjoy the pure nature and active tourism.

Talk of Picos de Europa and particularly the “border” area between Leon and Asturias is talk of wild and spectacular scenery, where nature will surprise you and where you can enjoy the tranquility that only such a pure place can offer.


This natural park, in which we find ourselves, is located between the National Park Picos de Europa and the Redes Nature Reserve. It is characterized by a strong relief in highlighting chordal and cased rocky gorges. The southern edge is part of the domain of the Cantabrian mountain range, standing out among all the peak “Peña Ten” of more than 2100 metres high. In the park there are many hiking trails of varying difficulty.

Three visits that you can not miss in the “Ponga Natural Park”

casccada aguasaliu entorno
Aguasaliu Waterfall

Located in the scenic surroundings of our hotel and our multi-adventure park in the Gorge of Los Beyos , our waterfall flows into the River Sella. Due to heavy rains or during the spring , it brings plenty of water that flows out in several sections, some more than 60 meters, forming small waterfalls and pools. The water is channeled into a narrow channel and is gaining speed to rush into the Sella River .

valle de angon entotrno vidosa
Angón Valley (5 minutes)

Within the Natural Park of the Picos de Europa, it is one of the most beautiful and desirable natural areas that can be visited in our area. From Amieva , 5 minutes from our hotel, climb to the circus spectacular limestone walls at the foot of Lookout Ordiales . At his feet is the valley of Angón. A 812 meters above sea level, is open between the southern foothills of the Sierra de Amieva and the foot of the “Head of the tile”.

visitar parque natural de ponga
Beyos Gorge

It is in the same area where we are. The gorge, eroded by the Sella River, runs through the massif in the Asturian Cantabrian mountain range . During The entire route of 20 kilometers verticality of the death penalty it is imposed , with closed walls just leave a small gap which flows through the river and winding road N -625 and to give an appearance of great beauty .


Considered one of the most touristic and most beautiful villages nationwide, Cangas de Onis is the Asturian capital of the Picos de Europa. He highlights its emblematic Roman bridge and its great gastronomic and leisure offer, with plenty of restaurants and cider houses. It is also the starting point for a must, “Los Lagos de Covadonga” .

Three visits that you can not miss around Cangas de Onis


Sanctuary of Covadonga

It is a cave in the foothills of Mount Auseva, which gives its name to the parish of Covadonga in Cangas de Onis council. The first construction in the Holy Cave dates from the reign of Alfonso I, the Catholic, who to commemorate the victory of Don Pelayo to the Muslims, ordered the construction of a chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary, which gave rise to the invocation of the Virgin of Covadonga.

lagos de covadonga hotel aventura en asturias
Lagos de Covadonga (1 hour)

This  impressive and tourist area, consists of two small lakes , Enol and Ercina of glacial origin located in the Asturian part of the National Park Picos de Europa, in the western massif of this mountain range. A third lake, Bricial, which only has water during the thaw, but also in the set. They are located in the municipality of Cangas de Onis and is accessed through a road of 14 km.

rio sella puente vidosa
Sella River

The Sella river is a short coastal river in northern Spain flowing into the Cantabrian Sea and runs through the provinces of Leon and Asturias. Born in the Picos de Europa in the Fountain of hell, a few kilometers from our hotel, in the municipality of Oseja de Sajambre ( Leon province) and flows into the Cantabrian Sea forming the estuary of Ribadesella. The Sella river passes in front of our hotel.


We are in an area of great natural and touristic value. In addition to the visits mentioned, you can enjoy of our environment in many ways as you can imagine. Do you like the active tourism? Do you prefer cultural visits? You will fall in love our environment ” for its variety of interesting activities to do during your stay.

Three visits you can not miss

ruta del cares puente vidosa
Cares Route (50 minutes)

Our hotel is the closest in Asturias to the most beautiful stretch of the famous “Ruta del Cares”, between Cain and Poncebos. This is a stretch of 12 kilometers for walking. Known as the “Garganta Divina , the route, literally carved into the rocks of the mountains, is a wonderful journey out of the province of Leon and ends in Asturias.

hotel aventura en asturias rio sella
Descent of the River Sella

This famous activity that leaves from the village of Arriondas is suitable for all audiences. These 15 kilometers ranging from Arriondas to Ribadesella where ends the river, you can make full or only some stretch run between pure nature and traveling this wide and mighty river. The first Saturday of August is the famous festival of the descent of Sella.

hotel aventura en asturias parque del jurasico

Jurassic Museum (1 hour)

Paleontological Museum which is isolated in the coastal rasa of San Telmo, between the towns of Asturias Colunga and Lastres, where they found traces of dinosaurs that have inhabited the region some 150 million years ago during the late Jurassic. In the form of a dinosaur footprint, the Museum houses one of the most complete and didactic samples of the world on these fascinating reptiles.