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Thrills, nature and adventure in Asturias

Vidosa Adventure park is a unique multisport in Asturias.

Departing from the hotel terrace we can enjoy this unique park in Spain. It is composed of 7 routes Ferratas of different difficulties with 4 Tibetan bridges, a climbing wall just 20 meters from the hotel, climbing routes 7 zip lines departing from the top of the mountain we flew above the hotel linking each other up reach the same terrace.

We have ziplines of varying lengths, some reaching almost half a kilometer long.


Safety and adventure in Asturias

¿Why Adventure Vidosa facilities are unique?

Tirolinas half a kilometer , Tibetan bridges from which you will see the casacada Aguasaliu and Beyos Gorge from a single point of view , a climbing wall so you can learn to climb with maximum security , ferrata for places more hidden mountain Adventure … in Vidosa multiadventure find a park in Asturias only for the quality and variety of facilities and beautiful surroundings.


Ziplines are one of the “emblems ” of our adventure park . In Vidosa Aventura you can enjoy seven zip lines of various sizes, from 65 meters to almost half a kilometer long and over 300 meters high.

Imagine the spectacular views from the heights of The Beyos Gorge and Waterfall Aguasaliu.


tirolinas hotel puente vidosa eventura


Do you know what a Via Ferrata is? It is an itinerary or route, both vertical and horizontal equipped with nails, staples, dams, railings, chains, hanging bridges … through which we can reach places of difficult access in the mountains.

In Vidosa Aventura you will find several different “ferrata itineraries” depending on their difficulty. All of them are perfect to discover the mountain from a different point of view.

via ferrata asturias


Tibetan bridges, hanging wooden structures crossing the mountain, will offer spectacular views of surroundings that will leave impressed. Part of the itineraries of different ferrata and allow you to cross over 80 meters high in the mountains.

puentes tibetanos en asturias


In Vidosa Adventure you can practice climbing, regardless of your previous experience, because we are equipped for different levels, from the 4th and 7th grade and a length ranging between 8 and 20 meters.

All routes are equipped with professional security systems so you can enjoy of the mountain safely and always accompanied by our expert instructors.

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